Code of Conduct for Coupon and Offer Affiliates

This is a code of conduct for coupon and offer affiliates to follow to ensure that promotional activity is compliant.

The below outlines the rules coupon and offer affiliates must adhere to in order to stay compliant on our network. Any breaches of compliance may result in the suspension or removal of an affiliate account from our network. 


Paid Search Advertising Compliance

Paid Search activity can only be conducted if the advertiser allows Paid Search as a listed promotional method in their program details. Advertiser program details can be found by going to the Advertisers section of your account and by clicking on the eyeball icon on the right-hand side of the advertiser name. 

Any Paid Search activity an affiliate does without permission from the advertiser is deemed as a breach of compliance and may result in your removal from the program and/or network, as well as transactions being voided by the advertiser.


Brand Bidding on Advertiser Search Terms

Brand Bidding is the act of targeting paid search advertisements to branded keywords (searches that include a brand name, or some variation). Typically, these ads will then direct the traffic to their own site before then redirecting or incentivising that traffic to click out to an advertiser’s website via their affiliate link. 

Unauthorised Brand Bidding is a breach of compliance and can result in the suspension of your account on our network. 


Broad Matching Search Terms

Broad matching search terms relates to unintentional Pay-Per-Click infringements from affiliates who conduct large scale paid search campaigns. From time to time, affiliates who bid on ‘Term +’ keywords can appear on an advertiser's paid search terms.

If an affiliate is found broad matching search terms that result in an ad appearing on an advertiser's search terms, the publisher may be asked to discontinue.


Ad Hijacking 

Ad Hijacks are instances where an affiliate impersonates an advertiser by placing an ad and URL link that appear to be just a paid ad from the advertiser themselves. This will directly link to the advertiser’s website via their affiliate redirect, which then drops an affiliate cookie without the user even knowing. Ad Hijacking is classified as a serious compliance violation and can result in the removal of your account from our network. 


Displaying and Advertising Coupons

Affiliates must not use a mechanism whereby users are encouraged to click to interact with content where it is unclear or confusing what the outcome will be.

For example:

  • Using “click to reveal code” and opening the site when no valid code is present or an offer/ deal/sale is presented instead, without this being made clear before the click.
  • Using “click to copy code” and opening the site when no valid code is available.
  • Opening the merchant’s site without making it clear that this will occur.

Affiliates must clearly detail the nature of the voucher or offer/deal/sale before a user clicks to interact with it (by revealing, copying, visiting the merchant site, etc.).


Using Correct and Up to Date Coupon Codes

It is imperative that affiliates utilise valid, correct and up to date coupon codes to share with their audience. Coupon details can be found by going to the Creatives section of your dashboard and by going into the Coupons tab. There, you will find all information on start and end dates, as well as the terms and conditions which you must disclose to consumers on your website. This ensures that consumers are being provided with information that is accurate, true and not misleading. 


Removing Codes Once They Expire

It is required that any coupon codes are removed from a website once expired or explicitly state that they are expired. This ensures that the start and end date the advertiser disclosed are being followed diligently by all affiliates. This also creates better user experience for those who look to your website for a better shopping experience. 


Coupon Commission Rules

Promoting with coupon codes may result in a lower commission rate earned. To check if an advertiser has a commission rule/s set up for coupon code usage, go to the Advertisers section of your account and click on the eyeball icon on the right-hand side of the advertiser name. This will open a new tab that displays the advertiser's program details. By scrolling down, you can find the specific Commission Rules that have been set up by the advertiser. Some advertisers only pay out commission on approved affiliate codes, therefore, we recommend only promoting with the approved coupon codes available in the dashboard. 


Further information on how to use coupon codes can be found here.