Publisher Tax and Billing - FAQs

Why do I have to enter my tax details?

You are required to provide your tax details for the following reasons:

· For your commissions to be paid out correctly. Depending on your business residence, you may or may not be subject to GST. This information (i.e. tax residency, tax number) should be provided in the Billing section of your Commission Factory account and will be shown on the publisher’s Recipient Created Tax Invoice per local tax regulations.

· To comply with applicable laws and regulations. When requested by local tax authorities, Commission Factory is obliged to provide tax authorities with sufficient information of Commission Factory publishers which allows them to identify the publishers and check whether they are tax registered and paying taxes.

Where can I find the Billing Details form?

You can find the Billing details form in the Account Settings section of your publisher dashboard under the Billing tab.

What tax information do I have to add?

· Billing name: the name of your company entered in the commercial register. If you are a sole trader, please enter your first and last name.

· Billing phone number and residency: the phone number, address, and country where your business is registered. Please note that this might be different from the regions in which you are operating your business. In the case of a sole trader, this information will be your personal phone number and address.

· ABN/Tax Number (if based in Australia)

  • If you are a business operating in Australia you need to provide an Australian Business Number (ABN). If you do not provide these details, we do not add GST onto your commission payment invoices. Additionally, where no ABN has been declared (and you do not meet the ATO exemptions) we must withhold 47% of all payments to you and send the withheld amount to the Australian Taxation Office. More information regarding ABN requirements can be found here.
  • If you are not operating within Australia, or are exempt from the ATO tax requirements for any other reason, you must fill out a Statement by Supplier form to confirm and detail this, and submit this to Commission Factory for our records.
  • If you wish Commission Factory to add GST onto your commission payment invoices, please ensure your ABN is correct and you are registered for the Goods And Services Tax (GST) with this option selected in your Billing Details. Please note that the information entered here needs to match the tax details held by your tax authority. If you need to change them so they reflect your tax registrations with local tax authorities, you are able to do so.

Can Commission Factory check if I entered my billing and tax details correctly?

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the information you provided is correct. If you are not sure whether your tax information is correct, please consult your tax advisor. If you do not have a tax advisor, we highly recommend that you get in touch with one to avoid any tax risks on your part. The tax information will be printed on your Recipient Created Tax Invoice. Please make sure to check if tax-relevant data on your invoice is correct and notify us if there are any mistakes.

As a Publisher, do I need to pay GST?

If you are an Australian publisher and you are registered for GST, please ensure you have also selected Yes under the ABN and the ‘Are you registered for the Goods and Services Tax (GST)?’ heading in your Billing Details. For further advice on your GST requirements please visit the ATO website.

Why is my country not listed on the Tax Residency list?

If you do not see your country listed in the Country drop-down menu, this means that our service is not available for this country and unfortunately, you will not be able to do business with Commission Factory.