Managing commission rates

Learn how to manage commission rates and create a bespoke offering for all partners.

Default commission rate

The default commission rate is the program-wide default rate used for all affiliates who have joined an advertiser's program.

Minimum notice period

The minimum notice period refers to the timeframe required for advertisers to provide affiliates with notice of any reductions being made to commission rates.

If an advertiser attempts to add a new rate below the minimum notice period or change an existing rate within the minimum notice period, they will receive the following validation message: "The requested change falls below the minimum notice period of 7 days."

The minimum notice period does not take hours of the day into consideration. Any change made will go live 7 days after the rule was added. For example, if the minimum notice period is 7 days and a customer adds a new rule on the 1st of a month, the new rule will go live at 12:01 am on the 8th of the same month.

If a Commission Factory Administrator changes the minimum notice period, all existing rules will remain in their current state and be unaffected. 

Affiliates are automatically notified of the commission changes.

Custom commission rates

Custom commission rates allow advertisers to configure dynamic commission rates based on specific conditions. For example, you can set a custom commission rate for new versus return customers.

Examples of Different Types of Commission Rate Settings

How rates are determined

Commission rates are determined using a priority checklist. The system will scan the custom commission rules table from top to bottom in order of listed priority, once the system has identified a custom rule that is applicable it will select the applicable rate and apply this to the transaction.

It is recommended that specific rates are assigned as high priorities to avoid incorrect rates being applied.

For example, in the below table if the affiliate Adianna Beavors records a valid transaction and the customer is a return customer the applied Commission rate will be 7.00%. 

However, if the desired result is that Adianna Beavors should always receive 12.00% no matter the conditions, then the priority of "Adianna Beavors" should change from "3" to "2".

Here is another example.

If you would like to give Shopback a CPAi of 12.00% from 1st September – 30th September but then also give them a CPAi of 14.00% from 9th September – 10th September for a Flash Sale, then the custom commission rate should be set up as follows:

 This means that Shopback will receive a 12.00% commission from 1st - 30th September except for the Flash Sale campaign from 9th - 10th September where Shopback will receive a 14.00% CPA. 

Testing commission rates

To help validate that custom commission rates are set up correctly, there is the ability to test custom commission rates directly in the Commission Factory interface.

In this example there are no conditions passed back in the transaction, meaning the default commission rate of 10.00% will apply.

In this example there are no conditions passed back in the transaction, meaning the default commission rate is being applied.

In this example the customer type "return" condition has been met, meaning the custom rate of 7.00% will apply.

Examples of Different Types of Commission Rate Settings