How to promote using Pinterest

Pinterest is an understated platform for promoting advertisers. In this article, we explain how affiliates can utilise Pinterest to promote advertisers.

Adding Pinterest to your traffic sources 

To add Pinterest to your Commission Factory account, you can do so by going to Settings > Traffic Sources and clicking Add New Traffic Source under the Traffic Sources subheading.  Then, an overlay will appear requiring you to enter Type (please select Video), Name, URL, Category, Description, Approximate Weekly Visitors, and Approximate Years Online. Once filled in, press Save and this will be added to your account. 

How to promote via Pinterest

After you have successfully added your Pinterest account as a Traffic Source to your Commission Factory account, you’re now able to start promoting via your Pinterest account. 

In order to earn commissions on sales, your audience will need to click through one of your Commission Factory Affiliate tracking links. Tracking links can be found in the Creatives section of your Affiliate account and under the Text Links section.

To learn more about Text Links, please see the following articles:

Creating Text or Deep Links

What is a Deep Link

Here are the ways affiliates can promote on Pinterest: 

  • Pin Posts - By clicking on the create pin symbol (it is a '+' button located at the bottom right-hand corner) in your Pinterest account, there will then be a create Pin overlay where you can add your affiliate tracking link in the 'Add a destination link' field. 
  • Exclusive Clickless Coupon Codes - Requesting an exclusive clickless coupon code from an advertiser to use in your promotional efforts is a great way to incentivise your audience. 
    Exclusive clickless coupon codes can be added to the description of your Pin post. 

We recommend optimising your Pinterest Pins by focusing on and creating an SEO strategy. Delivering a unique description and title that also targets specific keywords that are relevant to what you are posting about. Posting regularly and adding high-quality imagery is also really beneficial to help your Pin posts stand out. This is because, like search engines, Pinterest has an algorithm that wants to rank higher quality pins above others. Affiliates can also take advantage of Pinterest’s top 100 trends and targeting guide to thoughtfully plan out their content based on trending keywords.

To help and automate the scheduling and management of Pins, affiliates can utilise tools like Later or Tailwind

Please note: It is important to stay in the know of what the platform's affiliate disclosure rules are. To find out more information, please visit the platform's website and read through their advertising guidelines and/or disclosure rules. 


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