How to find an advertiser's program restrictions

This guide shows affiliates how they can find an advertiser's program restrictions in the platform to understand which promotional methods are allowed and not allowed.

To find an advertiser's program restrictions, affiliates can navigate to Marketplace > Advertisers and click on the three-dot icon on the right-hand side of an advertiser program to View Advertiser

Please note: While in the Advertiser Marketplace, affiliates can also utilise the Filter button to filter for brands based on a Promotional Method selected. 

This will open a new page where affiliates can find all information regarding the advertiser's program. On the advertiser's profile page, by scrolling down there will be the subheading named Program Restrictions. This shows all traffic sources that the brand does and does not allow on their program. 

For more information on how to choose brands to promote, please visit our Help Centre article here