How to contact an advertiser

This article teaches affiliates how they can communicate with advertisers on the Commission Factory platform.

Affiliates can contact advertisers via the Message Centre in their account. The Message Centre allows affiliates to communicate with advertisers for any questions regarding their program, promotional methods, campaigns/opportunities, commission negotiation, program terms and conditions, creative assets, exclusive coupon codes, etc. The Message Centre helps consolidate communication between affiliates and advertisers within the platform.

Please note: For data privacy reasons, Commission Factory cannot provide affiliates with an advertiser's contact details without direct permission from the advertiser. 

If you have created a group of advertisers in your account, you can also send a message to that group. Simply select + new message in the Message Centre and type in the name of the group in the To field. This feature is useful for affiliates to use if they would like to notify advertisers of new campaigns and opportunities they have available, etc.

For more information on groups and how to create them, please visit our Help Centre article here