Contact with affiliates

Affiliates should be kept in regular contact regarding new products, promotions, website changes, and changes to their program. Regular contact increases engagement and shows proactive management of the program. Messages can also be used to engage with inactive affiliates and newcomers to your program.

Using the Groups feature you can set up contact groups to segregate affiliates and hence only contact relevant affiliates. By Default your program has two groups “inactive” and “active” affiliates.

You can contact these groups by entering in the group name into the “to” field when composing a message.

Messaging Best Practice

It is recommended to message your affiliates with;

  • Prior warning when you are going to make changes to your website.
  • When you expand your product range
  • Information on Top selling Products
  • Notifications of sales events and offers you are running.
  • New creatives, coupons or dynamic tools.
  • Offers of assistance and ways you can help them.
  • Affiliate promotions you are running.
  • Congratulations on increased performance.   

Inactive Affiliates

  • Contact regarding their non-participation
  • Ask for feedback 
  • Offer them a special promotion, coupon or increased commission to get started.