Affiliate groups

Grouping affiliates is sometimes necessary and by default your affiliates will be profiled into active and inactive affiliates. By creating multiple groups, this allows you to communicate with specific individual groups more effectively and ensures relevant communication.


Additionally it allows you to report on the activity of specific groups as a filter in your reporting if required.


Creating A New Group


To create a new affiliate group, simply click on the Affiliates > Groups which will bring up the group page. You will be able to create a manual or automatic affiliate group by clicking Add Affiliate Group at the bottom of the page, and to give this group a name.


Automatic Group Attributes

Creating an automatic affiliate group allows you to specify one or more filters to group affiliates by. Automatic groups can be grouped by:

  • Conversion Rate (%)
  • Number of Clicks
  • Number of Sales / Leads
  • Website Category
  • Website Type
  • Email List Category
  • Total Commission ($)
  • Total Sales Value ($)

Manual Group Attributes

Creating a manual affiliate group allows you to add affiliates via two methods.

  • Add accounts using Search - Start typing Affiliate Name or Affiliate Id
  • Add accounts in Bulk by ID - Add Affiliate IDs line by line copied into the entry box