Commission Factory MasterTag

What is the MasterTag?

The MasterTag or container tag is a small piece of code that sits within a website that has both opening and closing tags that can house custom scripts and third-party tracking scripts. The container tag was originally developed in order to simplify processes, as they make it easier to add multiple tags to one site. 

There are several tag management platforms; one of the most commonly used is the Google Tag Manager. This container tag makes it possible for Google Tag Manager to fire different marketing tags as it embeds code in the pages it is present. We have specific instructions for integration tracking with google tag manager should you be using that system.

Commission Factory created our MasterTag that is required to be implemented when integrating on our network. When executed correctly, our MasterTag should appear on every page of an advertiser’s website.

How can advertisers implement a MasterTag?

Setting up the Commission Factory MasterTag is simple. If you are not currently set up with our MasterTag, you can easily do this, by going to the tracking set up in your account. Each shopping cart integration instructions has the implementation of the MasterTag is included in the tracking instructions. You can find this by going to :

"Campaign - Tracking Set up"

The instructions will guide you through the process to implement it correctly and should only take you around 10 minutes.

How can I tell if I already have your MasterTag across my site?

If you are not sure if you have the Commission Factory MasterTag in place or want to check for peace of mind, you can do so at any time.

Using our “debugging guide”: once on your website url, then click on the browser settings:

Go to: “More Tools - Developer Tools”, then view the “console".

Within the developer console, you should be able to see a message that will say; “Commission Factory: master tag loaded for advertiser XXXXX” (with your advertiser ID in place of “XXXXX”). 

You can also right click anywhere on your website, right click on your mouse and select "view source". Then search for one of the parameters in the MasterTag code, eg "Cfjump".

As the Commission Factory MasterTag should be present on every page, it is a good idea to perform this check not only on your homepage but on multiple pages of your site, including the category and products pages. The above message with your advertiser ID should appear on every page you inspect if it is set up correctly.

Over the past few years, web browsers have blocked the use of 3rd party cookies until they are barely used as a form of tracking any longer. Commission Factory utilise 1st party cookies, along with custom tracking domains to overcome the restrictions and ensure that all conversions will be tracked for our affiliates. For this reason, MasterTag implementation has become mandatory, rather than optional.

With the Commission Factory MasterTag present on the advertiser site, we can ensure that tracking is compliant across different web browsers and enable many third party affiliate integrations with ease.

Any questions about this, please let us know. We periodically review advertisers tracking set up to ensure this is up to date. We recommend you have the most up to date tracking available.