Can I use brand creatives found outside of the platform?

In this article, we help affiliates understand whether they can use a brand's creative assets or material that was found and sourced outside of the Commission Factory platform.

Once approved to an advertiser program, affiliates can promote the advertiser using the creatives that are dynamically populated in the Creatives section of their account. All imagery and other assets provided to affiliates in the Commission Factory platform are pre-approved by the advertiser and can be readily used by affiliates. 

Please note: It is important to take note of whether the assets you are using have a start and/or end date. 

If you are wanting to promote advertisers with creative assets that you have sourced outside of the Commission Factory platform, then we advise asking for permission from the brand directly via the Message Centre in your account. 


Please feel free to check out another one of our Help Centre articles on Library Creatives.