Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

This article covers the most frequently asked questions from affiliates.


What is required to become an affiliate?

For affiliates wanting to apply to our network, we have put together our Affiliate Application Tips as a resource that explains what is needed to become an affiliate and how to optimise your application to increase your chances of being approved onto our network. After submitting an application, please wait up to 3 business days for our Publisher Team to review it. 

As an affiliate, are there any fees for joining?

No, affiliates are not charged any fees to join our network and promote advertisers. 

I don't have a website, can I still become an affiliate?

Yes, you definitely can! There are so many ways that you can promote merchants without a website. For example, some affiliates use their social media accounts, email database/s, and more instead of using a website. Please feel free to view our Guide to Affiliate Marketing without a Website for more information. 

After signing up, how will I know what to do?

Getting started is easy! Once you have an account on Commission Factory, you can view our abundance of guides and articles that can be found in our Help Centre. Our Help Centre can answer any questions you have about how to get started, using and navigating your way around the platform, and how to promote advertisers. 

Can I view statistics, messages, etc in my account?

Yes, you will have access to an account on our platform that gives you full transparency and reporting. You can also update your settings, message advertisers, access new promotional material, view commission, apply to advertiser programs, and much more. 

Commission and Payment  

What type of commission do advertisers pay on the network?

Commission Factory has various different clients but many of which are retail-focused, therefore, most advertisers are paying a percentage of the commission per action (CPA). The average commission is between 8% and 10% of the sale value, however, this can vary depending on the vertical and individual brand.   

Do I need an ABN?

It depends on your individual tax circumstance. Unfortunately, we cannot advise whether or not you need one for tax purposes.  

If you have a tax exemption and have an affiliate account on our platform, we require you to fill in the Statement by a Supplier form that can be found in the Billing section of your account.  

Do commission payments include GST?

In regards to commission on individual transactions, no, in most cases our advertisers pass back the sale value without GST to our platform which then your commission total is calculated.  

Affiliates can also choose whether they want their commission payment invoices to include GST. To do this, affiliates will simply need to navigate to the Billing section of their Account Settings and input their ABN and select Yes if they are registered for GST.  

How and when are commissions paid?

Affiliates can add or edit their chosen payment method by navigating to Account Settings then the Billing tab. In this section, affiliates can also edit the minimum payment threshold and payment frequency. Commissions will only be paid out to affiliates when they have reached the Approved status. For a more detailed description of how our publisher payment process works, please read our Help Centre article here

For domestic and international affiliates, we offer the following payment methods:  

Domestic affiliates (Australia-based)  

We offer Australian Bank for our Australian-based affiliates. We process affiliate payments every Thursday at Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).  

International affiliates (all other countries worldwide)  

For our international affiliates, we offer International Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer for you to receive commission payments. We process affiliate payments every Thursday at Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). 

Please note, that if you are using PayPal, you may need to manually accept payments from us. For assistance on how to automatically accept payments from PayPal, please see this guide.  


What advertisers do you have?

We have advertisers in just about every retail vertical, it is highly likely we will have someone for you to promote. We usually launch between 2 - 10 new advertisers every week. You can view our Advertiser Directory for a list of the brands on our network along with further details on their program.  

How will I promote brands, what tools are available?

We supply a huge arsenal of tools for affiliates to promote advertisers with. This includes text links (tracking links), QR codes, banners, coupons, data feeds, email templates, videos, widgets, and more. 


If you are a new affiliate to our platform, please feel free to view our New Publisher Guide here