Affiliate Crossover Report

Learn how to use the Affiliate Crossover Report in our Channel Attribution Reporting Suite

The Affiliate Crossover Report provides advertisers with valuable insights by showcasing affiliates who engage with the same customers, as well as those who focus on specific market segments. This report is used to understand how two publishers interact with each other on the path to conversion.

To view the crossover metrics, select:

  • The appropriate date range
  • Two desired publishers

Once these are selected, a visual representation of the revenue crossover will be generated, expressed as a percentage.

In the table below the visual, the following metrics are also identified as part of this comparison:

  • Sales Involving – The % of sales initiated by each publisher.
  • Average Order Value - The average total of every order placed with a merchant over a defined period.
  • Average Steps to Convert – Average amount of steps to convert when a publisher is involved in the journey.
  • Average Days to Convert – Average days to convert when a publisher is involved in the journey.
  • Attributed Sales – Sales allocated to this publisher by the channel attribution reporting model. For more information on the methodology behind this model, please click here.

In summary, this report aids in developing advanced cross-publisher strategies, as it sheds light on how different affiliate partners collaborate in the conversion process.

Finally, it is worth noting that a high or low cross-over is not necessarily a good or bad thing. It depends on what your strategy and KPIs are. If you want to reinforce a message with a critical customer set across multiple sources or get the customer to convert quicker (e.g. for a weekend sale), you might want a high crossover, as this reinforces the message across multiple touchpoints. Conversely, you might have a limited budget and want to reach as many potential customers as possible. In this scenario, you’d want a low level of crossover to reach the most expansive audience pool possible. 

To learn more about how Commission Factory calculates and assigns value to all touchpoints in cross-channel attribution reporting, please click here.