Channel Attribution Methodology Explainer

Learn how Commission Factory calculates and assigns value to all touchpoints in the conversion funnel

What is "attribution" and how is it measured?

Attribution refers to the ability to drill down into the buyer funnel and see how the customer interacted with different marketing channels at different touchpoints of the conversion path. Commission Factory's algorithm measures attribution using several methodologies: Shapley Game Theory, domain knowledge, data categorisation, testing, and learning. 

What is Attributed Revenue?

Attributed revenue is the share of total revenue or sales directly tied to specific marketing efforts or channels. It entails crediting various touchpoints that contributed to a purchase. Attribution helps businesses understand which marketing strategies or channels are the most effective in generating revenue and informs their decision-making for future marketing investments.

How does the algorithm determine the importance of a touchpoint?

Different components of an advertiser's digital marketing strategy will play different roles in the purchase decision. Some channels (called "touchpoints") play a larger role than others in the conversion funnel, and a combination of different touchpoints will lead to different results (e.g. higher spending, faster conversion, returning customers, and more).

Commission Factory's channel attribution reports divide a conversion among the different touchpoints and allocate a percentage based on each channel's importance in the conversion process. Advertisers gain valuable insights into trends and can identify the channels that have a greater impact on conversions. They can then assign revenue and attribute it to each channel within their digital marketing strategy. This allows advertisers to make informed decisions on optimising their marketing efforts for better results.

Attribution is unique for each advertiser

Commission Factory is not a "one size fits all" solution - each advertiser is unique, and therefore, their digital marketing strategy deserves a unique approach to affiliate partnerships, reporting and attribution.

Commission Factory's attribution stands out because it recognises that if a channel or touchpoint were to switch to a different advertiser, its importance and impact might change. This means that their weighting in another advertiser's campaign could be different. 

For example, imagine channels and touchpoints working together like a football team. As a team has various positions, effective multi-channel marketing relies on different touchpoints. The last touch gets the most credit, similar to a goal in football. Commission Factory allocates credit based on each touchpoint's contribution to the purchase, favouring more impactful ones. Importantly, Commission Factory's attribution model recognises that a touchpoint's value can vary in different contexts or campaigns. With this in mind, advertisers can adapt their strategies and make informed decisions based on the specific dynamics of their individual digital marketing efforts.