Why was my transaction voided?

This article explains the different reasons a transaction may be voided and where you can find this reference in your account.

When a transaction is recorded in your account it automatically enters the 'Pending' status. Pending essentially means the transaction is going through the validation process. The validation period refers to the time frame given by the advertiser to consumers for returns or cancellations of goods/services. This is, in most cases, the reason why a transaction is voided, but there may be other reasons, which are explained in further detail below.  Most commonly, this period lasts 30 days, however, you can check this by visiting the advertiser's program page which can be found by going to the Advertisers section of your account and clicking the three dot icon on the right-hand side of the advertiser. 

So, why was your transaction voided? Below is a list of the different reasons this may have happened:


Cancelled Order

This is one of the most common reasons a transaction was voided, it is simply when the transaction was cancelled by the customer or advertiser post transaction, but before shipment. 


Returned Order / Unclaimed Shipment

As the title suggests, this is when a consumer has returned their order or the shipment was unable to be successfully delivered. 


Payment Authorisation Failed

A transaction will be voided if the payment failed during the checkout process or subsequently after. 


Compliance Breach 

The conversion and activity by an affiliate were considered non-compliant with the advertiser's terms. For example, promoting the advertiser with an unapproved traffic source may result in the transaction being voided for a compliance breach. 



Our platform may not track conversions originating from the IP address of an affiliate login to prevent 'self-referrals'. However, if a self-referral sale was indeed tracked to your account, the transaction may be subject to being voided by the advertiser and thus no commission will be earned.


Order Nonfulfillment 

In the case where an advertiser was unable to fulfil the consumer's purchase in its entirety, the transaction will be voided due to order nonfulfillment. This could be due to the advertiser running out of stock, no vacancy, etc. 


Repeated / Duplicate Order

If a transaction has been duplicated and/or has already been reported to Commission Factory, the duplicate transaction will be voided. 


Fraudulent Transaction

In the rare case that the advertiser has detected and highlighted a fraudulent transaction, the transaction will be voided and no commission will be paid. This can happen when, for example, the consumer used a stolen credit card. 


Affiliates also have the ability to find out why their transaction was voided. Simply go to the Transactions section of your account, find the transaction that was voided and click the three dot icon to view more details. In these details, there will be a subheading Reason for Being Voided, which underneath will show the brief reason of why the transaction was voided. 


For more information and a detailed explanation of the different transactions statuses, please read our Publisher Payment Process.