What is the Affiliate Help Centre?

This guide explains the purpose of the Help Centre for Affiliates and the different resources we have available to assist you on our platform.

The Affiliate Help Centre is comprised of various subcategories for affiliates to find articles and guides for specific topics. 

There are currently 6 subcategories affiliates can find guides on: 

Getting Started

The first subcategory includes guides to help new affiliates to Commission Factory understand how to use our platform, and our tips and tricks to help you get started on promoting advertisers. 


The General section has guides and articles that cover all other questions and the features of the Commission Factory platform, as well as other how-to guides. 

Reference Guides

The nature of the Reference Guides subcategory is for affiliates to stay up to date on any affiliate industry-related knowledge and other informative articles relating to the platform. 

Billing and Payments

Billing and Payments include guides that cover the details on our publisher payment process and frequently asked questions about billing within the platform. 


This subcategory includes guides that discuss in-depth the different promotional material that is available on the platform and how to use them. For example, banners, coupon codes, data feeds, etc. 

Technical Guides

Technical Guides include articles that cover more complex items on Commission Factory and the affiliate industry in general. For example, our API, SEO, third-party tracking, etc. 


If you have any feedback on our Help Centre and/or guides you would like to see us create, please get in touch with our Publisher Team by emailing <affiliates@commissionfactory.com>.