What is consumption validation?

Consumption validation is a special set up typically used by travel advertisers where auto-validation doesn't occur until the customer has "consumed" their booking.

Often travel companies permit customers to cancel their booking right up until their travel dates or close to. In these situations, 30 day auto validation is not appropriate. The advertiser can set up their tracking so that they send to Commission Factory the check in or check out date or date of arrival or departure and this field is used as the consumption date and the date from which the validation period will start.

Traditional integration (must be custom or GTM, not a plugin)

In order to integrate post-consumption tracking, you would need to add a variable called “date” to the Commission Factory tracking code. It should look something like this:  cf ("set", "date", "2019-12-01"); This is just an example, please do not copy-paste.

Please ensure the date format is in yyyy-MM-dd format. Otherwise, this won't work. The date that is being passed back should be the date of travel and not the date of the booking.

Server to server instructions (most common method)
To specify the consumption date via S2S, add a “date” property. It needs to be formatted as either “yyyy-mm-dd” or “yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss” (so for example, “2019-02-26” or “2019-02-26T16:57:00”). Note that if the time is specified, there is a capital “T” between the date and the time. If you don’t use the correct format, the server-to-server endpoint will just return an error message.

If you are doing a GET request, the URL might look like this:


If you are doing a POST request, the body might look like this:




"order": "TRANS00001",

"amount": 100,

"date": "2019-02-26"