What happens if my tracking is not working?

Commission Factory has a number of checks in place to be alerted if an advertiser is not or may not be tracking. If we feel that your tracking may be down, we will contact you to ask you to place some test orders to ensure all is fine.

You can review the methods we require for testing tracking here

Tracking may stop working for a number of reasons. Some of the most common ones include:

  • New website migration or shopping cart migration
  • Integration of a tag provider and not implementing our code within the tag manager
  • Removal of the container tag
  • Accidental removal of code by a member of staff or agency
  • Website is down
  • Not integrated across all payment methods
  • Variable error, for example the sale value is not passing correctly

If any of these occur, it is often best to go through the tracking steps from start to finish and then test as per the guide on tracking testing. You can view the tracking integration steps by logging into your account - Campaigns - Tracking set up. If you have changed provider be sure to select your new ecommerce provider from the drop down and follow the instructions provided.

Affiliates will be notified if a tracking issue is identified and your account may be temporarily paused until the tracking is confirmed to be working.