Website or shopping cart migration checklist

If you are migrating your website or shopping cart, please review the checklist to ensure no interruption to your affiliates

Affiliate considerations:

  • Redirects/new URLs at site structure level
  • Redirect/new URLS at product level
  • Is a new Datafeed required?
  • Are new creatives needed for new look and feel, branding?
  • Default program url change in interface
  • New banner and promotional deep links changeover in platform
  • Tracking re-integration (MasterTag and conversion tag)
  • Custom tracking domains if the domain has changed
  • Testing tracking - ideally in a test or non live environment first
  • Local cookies - if you use local cookies to determine last refer or for purposes of de-duping, will they be deleted with new update?
  • Communicating with affiliates
  • Brand guidelines

Other Advertiser considerations:

  • Briefing of all 3rd parties
  • Plan for likely/potential impact on trade
  • Promo code and gift card transition
  • Abandoned cart/cart content impact
  • Registered user impact

Not all of these may be relevant for every situation, so it depends on what changes you are making  as to what parts of the above might be relevant. Please inform Commission Factory about any planned updates to your site so we can assist you with any affiliate elements you require.

Any changes to your site should be communicated with your affiliates, be sure to emphasis the benefits of what you have done, for example increased conversion rate, SEO capabilities, easy site navigation, new brand look etc.