Using view through tracking

View-through conversion tracking (Post View (PV) or Post Impression (PI)) provides you with additional information related to the value of your affiliate’s display and banner creative campaigns. This feature tracks on an impression basis, so that visitors that viewed a banner but did not click, will still be recorded as a conversion and the affiliate awarded with  commission. 

Post view tracking in the affiliate channel gives programs the ability to negotiate and access affiliates that due to the value of their display inventory, cost of media buying or performance services (e.g. Retargeting) will not work on the typical "post click" model as they can't recover the cost.

Post view tracking can be a great way for new or emerging brands to access inventory for branding, retargeting that would normally only be available on other payment models and without the guarantee of any performance.

The post View tracking cookie period 

Usually, post view cookies will have a different duration to click cookies, as the average response time to a display campaign is much shorter. Typically the average period is 48 hours.