Using view through tracking

View-through or post-view tracking is also known as impression tracking.

View-through conversion tracking provides you with information related to the views of your banner creatives used by some affiliates. This feature tracks on an impression basis rather than a click basis. If a consumer has viewed a banner and later on decides to purchase from your brand (within the post-view impression window), the affiliate gets rewarded a commission.

Affiliates that typically use banners to promote brands include, but aren't limited to:

  • Content sites
  • Blogs
  • Display affiliates
  • Media Buying affiliates
  • Retargeting affiliates

Display or Media Buying when done outside of the affiliate channel is charged on a per-impression basis without the guarantee of a transaction. Allowing affiliates to run Display or Media Buying activity puts the risk to the affiliate. The affiliate pays for their activity per-impression, but is only awarded a commission when transactions occur from these impressions.

Post view tracking can be a great way for new or emerging brands to access inventory for branding, retargeting that would normally only be available on other payment models and without the guarantee of any performance.

The post View tracking cookie period 

Post view cookies have a different duration to click cookies, as the average response time to a display campaign is much shorter. The industry standard is a cookie window of 48 hours.