Using datafeeds to promote products

Datafeeds can be a great way to promote an advertiser and refer traffic to their website or online store for customers to transact. The datafeeds area on the affiliate dashboard will contain information such as the advertiser's name, the name of the data feed, the type of data feed and number of items, as well as when this data feed was last updated.

Data feeds can be used by affiliates to promote multiple products on a single page, through to creating an entire affiliate store powered by data feeds obtained from selected advertisers. For instance, you may choose to create an affiliate surf shop by using 5+ advertisers selling these products and brands, or creating a shop section within your website or blog.

For new affiliates and affiliates that are not experienced with using data feeds, Commission Factory can recommend using a third-party service such as datafeedr or WP All Import to help make this process easier and streamlined. More information on these services can be found under the Tools area of your affiliate dashboard.

For help on exporting or downloading data feeds please see this article:

Exporting Creatives