Types of coupons

Coupons should be provided to affiliates with the goal of motivating the customer to a desired action. Offering coupons does not automatically mean that you have to approve coupon sites if this is not the medium in which you would like to be promoted.

Types of coupon offers that work well for merchants include:

  • Buy one, get the other X% off or Buy two, get one free (motivate to purchase more items)
  • X% off when you spend $Y or more (stimulates larger order amounts)
  • $X off orders over $Y on a select product line/type (highlight different products this way, move old stock)
  • $X off a select product or range (moves slow selling stock)
  • Free Shipping deals with minimum order value of $X
  • Discount Shipping deals with a min order value
  • Spend over $X amount and get a free gift/sample (popular or exciting products are best)
  • Buy X product and get an upgrade to X2 (up sell a better product/package, great for subscription models)
  • Sign up to our Newsletter and get $X off

Best Practice

  • Supply more than one coupon, you might setup a range of coupons for affiliates to use.
  • If you have problems controlling coupon use, then restrict the time period, e.g. A week or two.
  • Set at least one coupon with a long validity period (3 months +), this will help to engage new affiliates as they join your program, reducing likelihood affiliates becoming inactive or disinterested in your program. It goes without saying this coupons discount should be sustainable and not hit heavy into profit margins.
  • While you may not be able to supply a discount coupon, Free Shipping or Free Gift coupons can be a great way to get around this problem.
  • % Off Storewide - not always the best type of coupon discount, try to come up with coupon based on the end goal.