Transaction queries

What a transaction query is and how to submit them to the Commission Factory platform

Transaction Queries are used by cashback and loyalty affiliates. They are used to upload missed or untracked transactions from members/users. 

Transaction Queries can be submitted individually, or multiple Transaction Queries can be submitted at once through a bulk upload.

To submit untracked transactions, a bulk CSV file will need to be uploaded for the advertiser to validate. The below details are required for the transactions query to be uploaded:

File Template

  • OrderId - The unique order/transaction ID of the transaction, as specified by the Advertiser
  • OrderDate - The date and time of the order in the format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
    (e.g 2:15pm on 24th of May 2015 would be 2015-05-24 14:15:00)
  • Currency - The 3 letter ISO 4217 currency code of the currency that this transaction was originally reported in (e.g. AUD)
  • SaleValue - The total sale value of the transaction after discounts and shipping, in the correct currency
  • UniqueId - the member/user ID so the sale can be attributed to the correct member
  • Coupon - (Optional) Coupon code used with the transaction
  • Description - Notes to the advertiser if needed
  • CustomerReference - Details from the customer about the order

Once uploaded, a log of the status of the transaction queries will become visible. The advertiser has 45 days to validate the sales, after this time the transaction queries will move into the transaction section of your account and will be validated as per usual.

Transaction Query Statuses

Below are definitions for what each status means for your uploaded queries:

  • Accepted - the advertiser has approved the transaction query and the commission will be paid out
  • Declined - advertiser has declined the transaction query and the commission won’t be paid out
  • Failed - there was a problem with uploading the transaction query
  • Pending - the advertiser is yet to review the transaction query

Please note: a Transaction Query may "Fail" to upload if the Order ID already exists in the Commission Factory platform. This will be highlighted in the failure to upload notification and means the order has tracked to another affiliate on the network.  


For more information on the different transaction statuses for regular transactions, please view our Help Centre article here