Third-party tracking

Information on third-party tracking for Publishers.

Commission Factory offers a facility where you can place your own pixel and it will fire when a conversion takes place on your account. If you would like to use this functionality please request this to be enabled by emailing

Once enabled, navigate to Account > Add-On Services > Third Party Tracking. Instructions as well as dynamic shortcodes (e.g. Order ID, Order Amount, Unique ID etc) are available in this area.

  • Please note all pixels, scripts or post back URL’s are examined and will need to be approved before going live. Not all advertisers allow you to place your tracking pixel, so if the merchant is not listed in the drop down they have disabled this feature.


Adding A New Third Party Tracking Code / Pixel

To add a new tracking code, simply click Add New and enter the advertiser you wish to track, the type of tracking, and the tracking code itself. Once submitted, this will be checked by Commission Factory.