Technology Plans Guide

Learn more about the available technology plans and how to modify your plan.

In the Subscription page, you will see all available technology plans and inclusions.  

Technology plans include: 

  • Core: Reach new audiences and grow online sales with our entry-level technology plan.
  • Grow: Increased commission flexibility, reporting and security tools for brands who want to level up their program.
  • Elevate: An optimised affiliate partnerships program with customisable tools, features and reporting for data-driven results that align with your digital marketing strategy.

From this page, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan on a 12-month or 24-month basis. This period will automatically renew unless you change or cancel your plan.  

Upgrading your technology plan 

Advertisers can upgrade their technology plan via the Subscriptions page to access premium features on the platform. Select the relevant time period and click Upgrade in the appropriate column. A pop-up will appear outlining the inclusions of the selected technology plan. If you are happy to proceed, click Upgrade in the pop-up. Your plan will automatically upgrade and be reflected in your next billing date.  

You can upgrade your technology plan anytime, regardless of contractual periods. 

Downgrading your technology plan 

If you no longer wish to access some of the platform's features, you can downgrade your plan from the Subscriptions page if your current plan's end date is between 60-30 days from renewal

Downgrade your plan by selecting "Downgrade" in the relevant column. A pop-up will appear advising you of all the features you can no longer access if you downgrade your technology plans. If you still wish to downgrade, click Downgrade again in the pop-up. A final confirmation will appear to finalise your decision. Once confirmed, your technology plan will automatically switch to the lower plan once the billing month and contractual period have ended.

WARNING: If you downgrade your plan, you will no longer be able to access any premium platform features, and any previous data will be lost.