Technology affiliates and their benefits

What are technology affiliates and how can they help drive revenue?

The term affiliate and what is classified as an affiliate is becoming broader and broader as the channel continues to grow and adapt to the ever-changing world of digital and e-commerce. 

Most commonly partnered with affiliates are content, cashback/loyalty or coupon, however, there has been an increase in specific affiliates that can grow brands via their own technological solutions. 

These types of affiliates have developed their own technology to run alongside Commission Factory to assist advertisers to reach and surpass a number of important KPIs. Such include:

  • Increasing basket size
  • Increasing Average Order Value
  • New customer acquisition and reaching new audiences and segments
  • Reducing cart abandonment 
  • Increasing Conversion Rate

These affiliates who are referred to as ‘technology affiliates’ specialise in a range of digital marketing technological solutions, with the most common of these highlighted below:

  • Display
  • Cart abandonment 
  • Retargeting 
  • Product bundling 
  • Dynamic couponing 
  • Referral marketing

If you choose to partner with a technology affiliate, please ask your account contact whether the affiliate is integrated into the Commission Factory MasterTag. For a number of our technology affiliates, we can help turn on their technology via our MasterTag which means no further tech integration is required on your website. If the chosen tech partner is not integrated into the CF MasterTag, a direct tech integration between the affiliate and the advertiser is required before the affiliate can start promoting. Relevant AB testing needs to be conducted to ensure everything is working as intended prior to going live. 

Additionally, tech affiliates typically work on the cost-effective cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model and will receive their negotiated commission whenever a shopper transacts with a brand via their inbuilt solution. Some tech affiliates might require an additional licensing fee, but this is case by case. Generally, these affiliates offer their partners an inexpensive yet superior technological solution that can assist in overcoming and surpassing common challenges such as cart abandonment, increasing average order value, increasing basket size and increasing brand reach/targeting new shoppers. Incorporating these solutions (that you might currently be outsourcing to a third-party provider) into the one channel to work alongside your other affiliate partners is a beneficial and practical way to manage these providers accordingly in an inexpensive, organised and non-time-consuming manner. Commission Factory tracks their performance in the same way as all other affiliates via the dashboard with these metrics being provided to advertisers in real-time.