Setting affiliate terms and conditions

The terms & conditions show affiliates the dos and don'ts of your program

Your program terms are set up during integration and are set to the standard terms & conditions by default. To view these, log in to your account, go to "Settings -  Program Terms".  This is where you select the affiliate promotional methods you want to approve, set your PPC policy and also review the written terms.

There are 2 ways affiliate terms are provided:

  1. Autogenerated; the program terms are generated based on the allowed promotional methods you have selected in accordance with best practice. This option is recommended as it ensures your affiliate terms are in line with network terms and terminology used within the industry and platform.
  2. Manually Uploaded; this option allows you to upload your affiliate terms into the system.

If you choose step 2 please reach out to your Commission factory contact to enable this feature for you. Prior to the program going live, any custom affiliate terms will be subject to approval.