August 2023

Learn more about what's been enhanced in your commission rate experience, placement marketplace and more

We've been working hard to make discovering and building partnerships easier than ever. With commission flexibility, network-wide placements, and increased transparency, we're excited to share these new improvements to your Commission Factory experience. 

Enhanced Commission Rate Experience

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Update or modify commission rules

Advertisers can easily update their default commission rate and establish commission rules that suit their needs. Commission rules can be based on individual affiliate partners OR specific parameters

Automated notifications for commission rate changes

Affiliate partners will automatically receive 7 days’ notice before an advertiser's commission update is live.

If an advertiser updates their default commission rate, all affiliates on their program will receive a notification about the change. However, it may not affect you if you are on an existing or scheduled custom commission rate.

To receive updates directly in their email inbox, affiliates must ensure their notifications are turned on. Please follow the below instructions to turn on notifications. 


  1. Improved Transparency: Automating commission rate notifications improves transparency for both advertisers and affiliates.

  2. Save Time: With automated notifications, advertisers can focus on developing partnerships and improving their programs without spending too much time on manually informing affiliates.
  3. Advertiser Autonomy: Advertisers gain full control over their affiliate program with self-service commission management. They can proactively adjust rates based on business strategies, eliminating the need for constant communication with support teams and affiliates.

Improved Placement Marketplace

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Network-wide placements

Affiliates now have the opportunity to promote their placement opportunity to all advertisers on Commission Factory, even if the advertiser has yet to invite the affiliate to join their program. 

Upload placement media decks

The ability for affiliates to upload media decks to placements so that advertisers can benefit from existing assets partners are utilising.

Placements rates available on affiliate and advertiser commission rate pages

The ability for advertisers and affiliates to view live and up-and-coming placement commissions directly on the commission rates settings page. 


  1. Improved Discoverability: By using network-wide placements, affiliates have a greater chance of securing valuable partnerships with advertisers. Additionally, advertisers can discover new partnership opportunities with affiliates who have a desirable audience or high level of engagement.
  2. Higher Clarity: Advertisers can learn more about an affiliate's offering, assets, audience and engagement metrics by viewing their media deck, available directly within the placement opportunity. 
  3. Enhanced Awareness: By being aware of the present and future commission rate updates as a result of approved placements, advertisers and affiliates can efficiently plan and allocate their resources.