Publisher sub domain reporting

Some of our key sub-network partners are now passing through their traffic sources via the Commission Factory Unique ID functionality in transaction reporting. This will assist advertisers by giving them full visibility on which publishers are promoting their brand and driving conversions via a subnetwork and also enable the ability to offer certain publishers custom commission rates.

To have this feature enabled you will need to speak to your Commission Factory account contact and request that they switch Unique ID visibility on for your Advertiser account.

Once you have this turned on you can simply view the data via your transaction report export.

To access your transaction report:

  • Go to the reporting drop down at the top of your account.
  • Hover over transactions > select ‘view transactions’.
  • In the “filter” section select the subnetwork you wish to view transactions for and select ‘apply’
  • Once the transactions have loaded you can then export this report to a CSV by selecting ‘download’
  • Once the report has been downloaded you can view the sub domains in the column titled Unique ID 2

If you are interested in offering a custom commission rate to a specific traffic source via Skimlinks, please contact your Commission Factory representative to set this up.