Publisher Code of Conduct

The Commission Factory Code of Conduct provides additional rules and guidelines to help publishers deliver high quality performance for advertisers in the Commission Factory Network.


The Commission Factory Code of Conduct applies to all Publishers in the Commission Factory Network that deliver web traffic and consumers to Advertisers. 

The Code sees to achieve the following: 


Maintain consumer confidence in the regulation of online advertising tracking technologies 


Ensure fair dealings amongst Publishers and Advertisers 

The Code includes practical guidance on how to comply. Publishers must follow this guidance in order to comply with the Code but following the guidance does not guarantee compliance with the Code. 

Publishers must decide for themselves which measures to take in order to comply with the Code. Therefore, complying with the Code may require Publishers to take measures in addition to the measures described as guidance. 

This Code reflects Commission Factory’s expectations regarding general affiliate marketing. Additional expectations may apply to specific regions, industries and activities and are outlined in their respective Codes of Conduct and Best Practise Documents. 

Namely these are: 

Monitoring Enforcement 

Commission Factory compliance efforts cooperates with Commission Factory Account Managers, Publishers, Advertisers and third-party suppliers to effectively monitor behaviour in the network and enforce compliance with this Code and our Terms and Conditions. 

Rules and Guidance 

Rule 1 

Publishers proactively disclose all promotional activities and obtain advertiser approval for their activities 


  1. Publishers use the Publisher Profile Page to disclose their activities 
  1. Publishers that engage in activities outside of their registered promotional spaces explicitly disclose this activity to the Advertisers 

Rule 2 

Publishers do not negatively impact Advertiser page performance, functionality, or availability. 


  1. Delivered traffic does not exceed reasonable expectations of delivered traffic volumes 
  1. Where advertisers report interference or negative impact the publisher ceases the activity immediately 
  1. Publishers do not employ techniques that change the design or interfere with the functionality of an advertiser page without explicit advertiser permission 

Rule 3 

Publishers accurately represent locations of business residence 


  1. On request Publishers supply additional documents to verify their business location and residence of company shareholders 

Rule 4 

Publishers only employ downloadable software that meets applicable standards. 


  1. Any downloadable software employed by a publisher complies with the IAB Code of Conduct for downloadable software: 
  1. Publishers supply software for review by Commission Factory compliance prior to usage for Advertisers 
  1. Publishers only use downloadable software with express permission from the Advertisers 

Rule 5 

Publishers do not engage with “Spam” Activities 


  1. Publishers do not use third party platforms or social media presences for advertising purposes without permission of the owner of the space 

Rule 6 

Publishers do not publish or permit the publication of any content which is likely to bring into disrepute Publisher marketing, any Advertisers or any of that Advertisers respective licensors or licensees 


  1. Publishers ensure moderation of any user generated content it permits to be published 
  1. Publishers immediately respond to any communication issued by any advertiser, or any of that Advertisers respective licensors or licensees, which concerns content likely to be defamatory.  

Rule 7 

Publishers only engage in Paid Search Marketing in accordance with applicable laws and standards 


  1. Publishers abode by paid search expectations disclosed in respective advertiser profiles 
  1. Publishers do not use terms infringing on third party brands in their paid search activities 
  1. Publishers consider applicable all laws from their home country, the country of residence of the Advertiser as well as the country of the targeted customers. 
  1. Publishers notify and provide proof to Commission Factory of any agreements with an Advertiser regarding any exclusivity or other arrangements regarding the use of specific terms, including branding within paid search activities. 

Rule 8 

Publishers do not mislead consumers in their advertising activities 


  1. Any information Publishers provide to consumers is accurate and current 
  1. Publishers hold all relevant licenses and registrations regarding their products. Examples of their activities commonly requiring specific licenses and registrations are financial services and health care services 
  1. Publishers do not impact consumers browsing experience in an unexpected or malicious manner 

Rule 9 

Publishers provide transparency about traffic sources and the environment that ads are displayed 


  1. Publishers use HTTP referrers that denote the actual content page that an ad was displayed in relation to 
  1. Publishers do not engage in activities and techniques that misrepresent traffic sources 

Rule 10 

Publishers do not misuse tracking links and Advertiser Material 


  1. Publishers only initiate tracking via a tracking link used for click tracking if the user voluntarily and intentionally interacted with the ad media or tracking link 
  1. Publishers only initiate tracking for a specific advertiser if the consumer interacted directly with the ad media for this advertiser. 
  1. If an agreement with an Advertiser allows non-standard use of tracking links and Advertiser material Publishers provide Commission Factory with the written confirmation of this agreement on request 

Rule 11 

Publishers cooperate fully in the resolution of issues and disputes 


  1. Publishers respond to requests for information by Commission Factory in a timely, accurate and exhaustive manner 
  1. Publisher ceases an activity immediately if requested to do so by Awin or an Advertiser 

Rule 12 

Publishers comply with the spirit of Tech Code of Conduct 


  1. Publishers realise this Code of Conduct is not exhaustive and they do not breach the spirit of the Code of Conduct.