Advertiser product level reporting

If you are tracking cart item data in your conversion pixel you can export a transaction report including the cart item data for each order reference.

Reporting on what items are being sold by your affiliates is an extremely very useful tool for advertisers. In order to get this report you need to be reporting to us the product level or cart item information in your tracking. If you are not currently reporting  this, please revisit the tracking instructions to ensure this data is passed to us, go to "Campaign - Tacking setup".

To download a transaction report with cart item, in your Commission Factory account, click on "Transactions". Just above the table of transactions there is a check box named Cart Data. Click this check box and then enter the dates you wish to report on. The cart item information will appear on each transaction viewable in the account and you can now export the report with cart data to CSV, JSON or XML formats.

If using csv export the cart item information appears in the last 9 columns of the report.