Performance-based retargeting

What is it?

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising that helps to keep a brand in front of bounced traffic and hopes to ultimately bring them back to make a purchase.

Prospects known to have visited a retailer's site are targeted with online ads at various points in their subsequent online journey, with either product or brand related messaging. The messaging is usually relevant to the actions performed whilst on the retailer's website. For example, Item A was placed in the prospect's basket, which was then abandoned. Item A appears in an online ad on another website visited downstream by the prospect with a discount applied, to remind the prospect of Item A, and give an additional incentive to return and purchase.

How does it work?

Retargeting service providers usually require javascript to be placed on the retailer's website which captures the information used to target prospects. 

Some retargeting service providers are able to incorporate their requirements into the container tags utilised as a part of Commission Factory's tracking, and ‘piggyback’ off the information captured in the journey tag, as a more efficient way to integrate with advertisers. Commission Factory can deploy integration for various vetted providers so their activity can be activated via our container tag.

Why is it useful?

There are a number of  benefits to running a well-executed retargeting campaign through your affiliate program including:

  • Increased return traffic to your website 
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Strong ROAS
  • Increase cart size/AOV depending on the messaging of the ads targeting prospects. For example, upsell/cross-sell messaging
  • The ability to personalise ad messaging or offers to maximise the probability of conversion
  • Performance based commercial model, usually this is a CPM, CPC or CPA


Who can provide it

There are various retargeting service providers that operate within the affiliate space. If you would like a recommendation, please reach out to your Commission Factory account contact.