Offering Co-branded landing pages

Co-branded landing pages are a simple, yet effective way to increase individual affiliate conversions. It is also one of the frequently-overlooked affiliate program optimization techniques.

The most compelling reason to start working in this direction is the immediate conversion improvement. Some affiliates have reported an increase in conversions of anywhere from 25% up to 65%. That's an outstanding increase in conversions and potential new customer acquisitions.

So what is a co-branded landing page? It simply ties your website to the affiliate that referred you traffic, either by way of adding a copy of their logo that splashed up welcoming users or a page splash that enters from the top of the screen welcoming the affiliates referred customer to your site.

So, what should a good co-branded affiliate landing page contain?

Here are the 5 key elements to cover:

  1. Affiliate’s logo alongside with the merchant’s/advertiser’s logo (assures the end user that there’s a clear tie/relationship between the two);
  2. Verbiage which welcomes the affiliate-referred visitor as one who arrived to the merchant’s site from a concrete affiliate website;
  3. Affiliate-exclusive promo/deal, if there is any involved;
  4. Clearly visible calls to action (don’t be overly intrusive, but don’t be too shy either), making sure it’s the action that the affiliate will be compensated for;
  5. Restrictions and/or additional instructions that the end consumer may need to be aware of.