October 2023

Learn more about cross-channel attribution reports

Cross-Channel Attribution Reports


Discovering insights about your digital marketing strategy is now easier than ever with cross-channel attribution reports on the Commission Factory platform. 

Eight new reports that unlock attribution

Gain access to a set of eight new reports that are specifically designed to provide valuable insights into the influence of channels and affiliates on the buyer funnel. These reports will help you uncover important information about how your digital marketing strategy is performing and make informed decisions to optimize your campaigns.


  1. Improved Marketing Effectiveness: By understanding how different marketing channels contribute to conversions, businesses can optimise their marketing efforts for better results. This means allocating resources more effectively and making data-driven decisions.

  2. Optimised Partnerships: By identifying which affiliate partners and channels perform best, brands can tailor their partnership strategy and marketing campaigns for maximum impact.
  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: Cross-channel attribution fosters data-driven decision-making, reducing guesswork and enabling marketers to focus on strategies that work.

  4. Long-Term Strategy Development: Attribution reports provide insights into long-term trends, helping businesses adapt and plan for the future.
  5. Increased ROI: Ultimately, these reports lead to better ROI as marketing resources are deployed more efficiently, and wastage is minimised.

List of cross-channel attribution reports

Affiliate Performance

To give an overview of how affiliates on the program are performing from sales involving, initiator ration, sale credit, etc. 

Channel Performance

Compare attributed revenue versus last-click revenue by channel.

Funnel Channels

Gain insights into the specific areas of the conversion funnel that partners are generating revenue from with a comprehensive channel overview. Discover which channels are driving the most sales and understand their impact on your marketing strategy.

Funnel Affiliates

Discover which parts of the conversion funnel partners generate revenue for each affiliate. Marketers can see which affiliate partners operate in different parts of the conversion funnel beyond the last touch. It can help negate or validate assumptions on which part of the funnel an affiliate has the most influence. This can lead to more strategic partnership ventures with those affiliates who had a significant impact on the purchase decision.

Funnel Trends

Discover revenue that was driven from each area of the conversion funnel over time. This report is ideal for reviewing the impact of activity with selected publishers over a specific time frame.

Incremental Revenue Drivers

Identify the highest-performing partners who generate revenue above the average order value (AOV) for an advertiser, resulting in additional revenue. For instance, if Affiliate A increases the AOV by $10 and contributes to 10 sales, the incremental sales value would be $100. This allows businesses to recognise and leverage partners who have a significant impact on driving sales and increasing revenue.

Affiliate Crossover

This report shows the frequency at which two publishers appear in all customer journeys and the impact they have on key performance indicators (KPIs) when both are present.

Journey Paths

Gain valuable insights into each individual conversion path by Order ID. This report provides a comprehensive view of the customer journey, showing the specific steps and touchpoints that led to a conversion.