Interspire data feed

This tutorial will take you through the process of creating a data feed for use by the Commission Factory network. The feed that can be used is simply a product export but follows the same simple rules for supplying a feed for affiliates.

Data Feed Script

In order to keep your product data feed up-to-date for affiliates, we have created a script that you can use to generate an up-to-date product data feed from Interspire. You can then specify that you want your data feed updated on the Commission Factory network automatically every night.

Simply download the attached PHP file, unzip it, and then upload the "cf_Interspire_feed.php" file to the Interspire root directory on your server.

Once this file has been uploaded, you will be able to access an up-to-date product data feed at any time from a URL (eg. ""). You can then enter this URL in the Configure Feed page of your dashboard to enable automatic nightly updates.

 Download the Interspire Data Feed Script

Manually Generating a Feed

The steps for creating a feed are the same as creating one for the Big Commerce shopping cart software as they are both products of Interspire, the difference being that Big Commerce is a hosted solution.

Enabling the module and generating a product export file

Follow the steps below:

From the Marketing tab select Marketing -> Shopping Comparison Sites

Tick the checkbox and click Save. Note: The tab won't appear until after you have clicked Save.

Click the tab.

Click the Regenerate Feed button. When the feed has finished generating click the Download Feed File button and save the file to a location on your harddrive or desktop.