Integration Partner FAQ: Integrations Marketplace

Learn more about the Integrations Marketplace from the integration partner's perspective.

Which types of affiliates are eligible to be listed in the Integrations Marketplace?

Any publisher that utilises onsite technology or scripts that can be integrated to an advertiser's website are classified as "integration partners" and are eligible to be listed in the Integrations Marketplace. 

Why are they called “integration partners”?

This name is the umbrella term we've given to partners in the Integrations Marketplace that provide a technology or software to support advertiser goals and objectives, such as reducing cart abandonment, increasing basket value and more. Often, they require additional integration to deliver this to advertisers. Instead of doing a direct integration with advertisers, they integrate via the existing Commission Factory MasterTag to save time and resource. 

Can I apply to become an integration partner?

If you provide a technology solution that requires advertiser integration, please reach out to for more information on how to join the Integrations Marketplace.

Which advertisers can use the Integrations Marketplace?

All advertisers who are integrated with Commission Factory's MasterTag have access to the Integrations Marketplace. 

Do I still need to integrate directly with the advertiser?

No, once your integration is set up within the Commission Factory MasterTag, Advertisers will be able to connect with your technologies via Commission Factory at the click of a button.

The majority of the time, there is no manual code or Dev Ops. Most partnerships involve minor configurations such as entering a unique ID and password or journey code, all of which are provided by the integration partner. The Advertiser or Account manager can then simply add the required identifier for each partnership. 

Is there any cost to integrate with the Commission Factory MasterTag?

No, it is free to integrate with the MasterTag.