Insights report

Your insights report is a detailed breakdown of new and returning customer values across metrics such as ROAS and CPA, which can be filtered by specific affiliate/s or channels.

NB: If your shopping cart is not passing back new and returning customer values, your insights report will default to recording all transactions as a new customer. For further help on integrating with your shopping cart, please speak with your Commission Factory representative.

By default, the insights report will be graphed against new customer conversions, however you may choose to change to another metric simply by clicking into the dropdown box and selecting the relevant metric.

Hovering your mouse over each bar will reveal the individual channel's metric for perusal.


Insights into affiliate metrics can be performed on the below:

  • New Customer Conversions
  • Return Customer Conversions
  • New Customer ROAS
  • Return Customer ROAS
  • New Customer CPA
  • Return Customer CPA
  • Overall ROAS

Filter By Affiliate

To filter the insights report by a specific affiliate, simply type the affiliate's name or company into the search field. Alternatively, you may choose to filter by type or device by clicking the Filter button.