How to Use the Influencer Hub

A marketplace for brands to discover, engage and connect with influencers on the platform.

Discover Influencers on Commission Factory

The Influencer Hub is a new visual directory designed to make influencer marketing easier for brands on the platform. Effortlessly discover, explore, and engage with top influencers of any audience size across multiple platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and beyond.

The Influencer Hub provides a visually appealing "card view" of all influencers, allowing you to access more information directly within the directory.

Card Viewmarketing

Brands can also filter the list of displayed influencers to capture a more targeted group of content creators, such as their primary platforms, category (e.g. Home and Garden), minimum follower count, country, rank and more. 

Influencer Profiles

If you've encountered an influencer profile that looks promising, hover over the tile and click "View" to access more information. A panel with a more detailed view of the influencer's offering will appear on the right-hand side of the platform.

Advertisers will be able to see the following information



Total Reach The cumulative number of followers an influencer has across all their social media platforms.
Advertiser Connections The number of advertisers they are partnered with on the Commission Factory platform. 
Active Placements The number of placement opportunities that are currently live in the placements marketplace. 
Websites A list of all website URLs the influencer has linked to their Commission Factory account. Advertisers will be able to see the category and verification status of each website. 
Social Media Pages

A list of all social media accounts the influencer has linked to their Commission Factory account. Advertisers will be able to see the category and verification status of each social media account. 

Recent Social Media Posts

An interactive feed of all recent activity across all the influencer's connected social media accounts. This feed is updated in real-time and each post is linked to the active post on the social media page. 

The above information is provided to help brands make informed, data-driven decisions about which influencers to include in their overall affiliate partnerships strategy. With interactive, in-platform tools to learn and discover more, the Influencer Hub is designed with simplified partnerships in mind - you have all the tools and information in one place. 

Inviting an Influencer to Your Program

If you have found an influencer to join your affiliate program, you can either invite them to your program or message them directly from the side panel. Additionally, clicking "View Influencer" allows you to delve further into their background, any previous collaborations they may have listed in their About Us section, and their content style. This insight can help you gauge whether their brand image and audience align with your own, ensuring a more successful partnership.

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Utilising the Influencer Hub can be a valuable asset for brands looking to leverage the power of social media influencers. For further insights on how Influencer Marketing can enhance your digital marketing strategy, be sure to explore this article.