How to find an advertiser's program metrics

This guide shows affiliates how to find the average performance metrics of an advertiser's program.

By navigating to the Advertiser Marketplace in your affiliate account, you can see what the average metrics of a program are. Affiliates can also toggle any of these metrics to sort the listed advertisers into descending or ascending order.

This feature is useful for affiliates wanting to find how their own performance ranks among the average for the program they are promoting.

The following performance metrics for a program include: 

Average Commission (AVC) - The average commission amount an affiliate earns on the program per transaction. 

Average Order Value (AOV) - The average sale value of the orders, also known as basket size. 

Conversion Rate (CR) - A percentage of clicks that result in a sale.

Earnings Per Click (EPC) - A calculation of clicks sent to a program or landing page divided by the sale amount, or for affiliates the commission earned. E.g. If $20.00 has been earned after sending 100 clicks then the EPC is $0.20.

More information on the Advertiser Marketplace can be found here