How to encourage dormant affiliates to become active on your program

Tips to engage more of your affiliates and get them promoting your brand

Recruitment is only part of the process for onboarding affiliates to your program. If you do not take steps after recruitment to encourage your affiliates to become active, there is a high chance of them being dormant on your program. 

Dormant affiliates are affiliates that are not driving any performance (impressions, clicks, or transactions). They are already joined to your program thus interested in promoting you and just need a bit of guidance and support for becoming active.

Engagement Tips

1) Newsletters

If you aren’t currently scheduling regular newsletters, start putting together a schedule today. This is one of the easiest ways to encourage dormant affiliates to become active. These newsletters can include new product launches, promotions, or anything you want your affiliates to communicate to their audiences. Set up a calendar invite to remind yourself to send out a newsletter either on a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly basis. 

2) Bespoke Communication

Another great way to encourage dormant affiliates to become active is to identify these affiliates and draft a custom message to be sent out to this group asking them how you can better support them with their promotions. Sometimes it’s a matter of providing them with a specific creative asset to get them active on your program.

3) Commission Rate Increase

Offering an increased commission rate for a defined period of time to dormant affiliates and communicating this to them through the message centre, can help activate this group. Attaching a timeframe for this increase creates a sense of urgency for the affiliates to start promoting your brand before the increased rate goes back to the default.