Diversifying your affiliate program

Why it is important to work with a range of different affiliates and how to go about it.

It’s important to add diversity to your affiliate program, so the program is not relied on by one or a handful of affiliates. Diversifying the range of affiliates on the program ensures you’re reaching a variety of customers and creates a holistic program. For example, partnering with a mixture of Cashback, Coupon, Loyalty, Comparison, Content and Influencer partners provides a great range of reach for your brand whilst not being too reliant on a specific type of affiliate. 

To diversify your affiliate program, log into your program, click on Affiliates and Directory. Under our affiliate directory, you’ll have access to thousands of affiliates we partner with and can invite them to join your program from this section.

Commission Factory affiliates are ranked by revenue. If you click on rank twice, it will filter affiliates by their approval on other advertisers programs, how much revenue they’ve driven on the Commission Factory network and by how much traffic they drive. This can act as a tool to select key affiliates for your program. Keep in mind, if an affiliate has a low rank they may be new to the network so use the rank as a loose guide. There is also the option to filter affiliates by categories, for example, if you’re wanting to partner closer with content partners, go to Affiliates, Directory, Click on Filter and select Content. This will populate all the affiliates on our network who have categorised themselves as content affiliates. It’s important to review each affiliate before inviting them to your program, to ensure they align with your brand.