Diversifying your affiliate program

Why it is important to work with a range of different affiliates and how to go about it.

It’s important to add diversity to your affiliate program, so the program is not relied on by one or a handful of affiliates. Diversifying the range of affiliates on the program ensures you’re reaching a variety of customers whilst creating a holistic program. For example, partnering with a mixture of Cashback, Coupon, Loyalty, Comparison, Content and Influencer partners provides a great range of reach for your brand whilst not being too reliant on a specific type of affiliate. 

Having a diverse and balanced affiliate portfolio is important. Being over-reliant on 1-2 affiliates driving the bulk of sales for a program is risky. Explore new opportunities that align with the program objectives to diversify the program.

Diversity in the affiliate channel allows to try or test new promotional methods for a program, with minimal risk as all of this will always be on a Cost Per Acquisition model.

The most successful affiliate programs have a broad and balanced affiliate mix, with different types of promotional methods.  An article on affiliate diversification and its importance to an affiliate program can be found on the Commission Factory blog.