Why are so many of my affiliate applications coming from coupon sites?

It is not unusual for new programs to see their first influx of applications come from coupon or deal sites.

Affiliates can monitor when new programs go live on Commission Factory via our email notifications or feeds, and many coupon / deal sites receiving the notifications will sign up instantly for most programs as they come on board. Some of the reasons include:

  1. They feature many retailers. The bigger the site, the more retailers or stores they will feature. It bodes well for a coupon site to have a large inventory of stores in order to provide their visitors with a wide selection of stores and brands.
  2. The retailers they feature span multiple categories. In other words, the site is not limited to one specific niche, it most likely will have many categories. Again, this gives the coupon site broader reach and more shopping opportunities for their user.

Coupon sites don’t necessarily need to take the time to research and comb through the available Advertiser programs. The more the merrier in terms of partners in their eyes, which is reflected in the applications a new program will see within the first few weeks.

Secondly, couponing is a part of the typical shopping experience for many consumers. According to statista as of June 2019, about 60 percent of online shoppers worldwide looked for coupons and discounts while researching an unfamiliar digital retailer before making a purchase.

On the flip side, other types of affiliates such as content , bloggers and influencers will require a little more time and energy researching potential partners. These sites may have specific criteria or products they are looking to market and will be more selective when considering new Advertisers. Your Affiliate applications will diversify over time as the program matures.

If you offer coupons - coupon affiliates can add value to your affiliate program.  If you are concerned about discounting or accepting coupon affiliates you should speak to your Commission Factory contact about implementing a coupon strategy that will increase cart values and not cut into your margins.