How to create groups

This guide teaches affiliates how to create groups of advertisers in the dashboard.

What are groups? 

As the name suggests, groups are a collection of advertisers curated by the affiliate based on their requirements. These groups can be manually curated or automatically created from a set of parameters (automatic groups are dynamically updated in real-time) chosen by the affiliate. 

Creating Groups

Groups can be found and created in Marketplace > Groups

To create a new group, click on the Add new icon at the top right-hand side which will lead into the New group section. First, affiliates must name the group and select the group type, whether it will be manual or automatic.  


1. Manual Group Creation (suitable for non-dynamic, small advertiser lists):

    • Click + Add accounts using search (type Advertiser Name or ID) or + Add accounts in bulk by ID (add Advertiser IDs line by line) to populate the group.
    • Click OK when ready to add advertisers.
    • Preview and click on the boxes on the left of the advertiser names to remove selected advertisers.
    • Use the three vertical dots icon for options like Send message or Remove from group.
    • Once satisfied, click Save group.

2. Automatic Group Creation (suitable for large and dynamic advertiser lists):

    • A filter function will appear underneath.
    • Select Add filter to choose parameters and required fields.
    • Click Done to add the filter and return to the group preview.
    • Multiple filters can be added for a customized listing.
    • Once satisfied, click Save group.

Managing Groups

Any existing groups will be listed and can be sorted by clicking on any of these column names: Name, Account Type or Group Type

Clicking on the three vertical dots icon on the right-hand side will allow affiliates to either Edit, Send message, Convert to manual group or Delete.


Groups can also be used to an advantage when creating custom reports, creating placements and sending messages. For more information on how to create custom reports, please visit another one of our Help Centre guides here