How to check if an advertiser allows Paid Search

This Help Centre article shows affiliates how they can find out whether or not an advertiser's program allows Paid Search affiliates.

To check if an advertiser allows Paid Search activity on their program, you will first need to visit the advertiser's profile page. This can be done by going to the Advertiser Marketplace and searching the name of the brand you are looking for. Then, select the three-dot icon on the right-hand column and select the View Advertiser option. This contains an in-depth overview of the program and shows a detailed description of the brand, commission payout, tracking and validation windows, and program restrictions.

Once on the advertiser profile page, scroll to the bottom to view the advertiser's Program Restrictions. Here, it will be shown in green which types of traffic sources that affiliates can promote with on the program. Displayed in red are the types of traffic sources that are not allowed on the advertiser's program. 

If the advertiser allows paid search, then any terms and conditions surrounding paid search activity will be listed below. 


For information on how to apply to advertiser programs, please view our Help Centre guide here