How to attach images via the message centre

An outline of the steps to follow to successfully attach images to a message centre communication

To upload any images to the message centre, you must first upload your images to the ‘Libraries’ tab of the ‘Creatives’ section in the dashboard. This is particularly useful if you need to share any additional creative assets with affiliates for them to download and use. Examples of this include company logos, bespoke promotional banners and general imagery. Assets can be uploaded in a range of formats including high-resolution EPS, PNG, JPG, GIF and MP4.

Once the image has been added to the Library, you can easily access it to attach it to your message in the message centre. When composing a new message, simply click the image icon and then select ‘Browse’. From there, you can select the Library containing the required image and then press ‘OK’. Your image will then appear in the body of the message you’re composing.