How long does it take for an advertiser to make commission payments?

This article explains the timeframes of how long it might take an advertiser to pay commissions and where to find the estimated average payout days in your affiliate account.

The transactions you have driven will appear in the Transactions section of your affiliate account. Each transaction will go through the transaction statuses before being paid out to you. When a transaction enters the Locked status, this means the commission of the transaction is to be invoiced to the advertiser on their next billing cycle and is awaiting payment. The commission payments are to be paid by the advertiser before we as the network can forward the payment onto you. 

We provide Advertisers multiple options for making their commission payments, including Direct Debit and Invoice terms. We typically recommend Direct Debit, where the Advertiser is invoiced twice per month, on the 1st and 16th of each month to ensure payments to affiliates are paid as quickly as possible. For Advertisers on invoicing, they generally have a payment term of up to 30 days. 

In the Advertisers section of your account, you can find the Average Payout Days sub-heading tab. Please note that this figure displays approximately how long it takes to receive affiliate commissions on that program based on an automated historical average (this should only be used as a reference). 

For a more detailed explanation of how our Publisher Payment Process works, please view our Help Centre article here