How can I add multiple promotions as creatives in one go?

For advertisers, you can add multiple promotions via a csv file in the creative section of your account.

Under "Creatives - Promotions, you can select "Bulk Promotion Upload". Once selected you can retrieve a file saved on your computer where you have the codes saved or access the same via a url. Once selected, you need to map the columns in your file to those required.

The required fields for coupon code upload are:

Name: this field is the title or offer name, so for example: 20% off Winter Sale” - it should describe the offer and be the title the affiliate will use in their promotions. This needs to be written in a logical and appealing way for it to be understood by consumers. Please do not capitalise the name of the offer.

Target URL: If you want the affiliates to link to a specific page on your site instead of the homepage, you can enter the deeplink/landing page in this field. If homepage only you can leave this blank.

Optional additional fields:

Assign To: By default this will be set to “all of your affiliates” so anyone who is joined to your program can promote the offer. You can add in the affiliate ID of an individual affiliate in this field if the promotion is exclusively for them to promote. 

Terms and Conditions: these should always be populated with some terms. Unless your offer has no restrictions, can be used on everything across site, all customers etc. terms will need to be set. Please do not capitalise the terms and conditions.

Start and end date: These should always be specified. If you have an ongoing offer with no expiry, it is best practice to provide an expiry date  anyway, you can set it for the last day of the year and then extend the offer for the next year if required. Affiliates are usually required to provide expiry dates so please ensure you enter an end date.

You can use this template csv file to populate a large list of promotions you want added to your account. We recommend use of this tool if you have more than 10 offers to upload to the dashboard.