Getting Started with Payoneer

Payoneer is a cost-effective method to receive commissions around the world without large transfer fees.

Payoneer is the clearinghouse used by Commission Factory to pay commissions to affiliates. It offers you a fast, low-cost and easy way to receive your payments. 

Through Payoneer, you can choose how to receive your funds, either directly to your local bank account or to your PayPal account.

Below is some of the essential information you need to know to help you understand how Payoneer works and how to sign up. 

Why Payoneer Bank Transfers?

  • FAST: Access funds in 1-3 business days
  • LOCAL: Receive global bank transfers in local currencies, at local costs
  • LOW-COST: The more you earn the less you pay – up to 2%
  • SUPPORTED: Real time email notifications when funds arrive

 Why PayPal powered by Payoneer?

  • SEAMLESS: Manage all of your payments through one platform
  • EASY: Use your existing PayPal account or open a new account
  • FLEXIBLE: Use your funds to pay other PayPal users 
  • SUPPORTED: Access to Payoneer’s incredible customer support, with 24/7 service in over 35 languages

How does it Work?

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to your Account Settings
  • Hover over the Billing and Payment tab
  • Select Payment Settings
  • In the drop-down selection under "Send commission payments to" choose Payoneer as your payment method
  • Either sign into your existing Payoneer account in the pop up or create a new account.
  • Start getting paid!

*If you chose PayPal, complete the Payoneer registration, and enter your PayPal username at the end

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer empowers global commerce by connecting businesses, professionals, countries and currencies with its innovative cross-border payments platform. In today’s borderless digital world, Payoneer enables millions of businesses and professionals from more than 200 countries to reach new audiences by facilitating seamless, cross-border payments. Additionally, thousands of leading corporations including Airbnb, Amazon, Getty Images, Google and Upwork rely on Payoneer’s mass payout services. 

With Payoneer’s fast, flexible, secure and low-cost solutions, businesses and professionals in both developed and emerging markets can now pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally.

What is the Payoneer Global Bank Transfer Service?

The Payoneer Global Bank Transfer Service allows you to receive local and wire transfers directly to your bank account in over 200 countries and 150 currencies. More information on how to receive funds to your local bank account through Payoneer can be found here

How do I register to Payoneer Bank Transfers?

Log in to your account and choose Payoneer as your payment method. Continue the signup process as prompted. 

If required, click on the Payoneer registration button and complete the 4 registration steps.

Make sure that you have your local bank account details handy as you'll need them during sign up.

  • Step 1: Enter your details
  • Step 2: Enter your address and phone number
  • Step 3: Create a password and set your security question
  • Step 4: Enter your local bank account details

How does the Payoneer Global Bank Transfers Service work?

Once you have completed the one-time registration process, all payments received are automatically sent to the bank account that you registered with.

If I apply for the Service, what are my costs and obligations? 

There are no monthly/annual fees or obligations for the Global Bank Transfer service. There is a fixed fee per payment, which may vary depending on your country and program. Detailed pricing will be provided during the one-time registration process. 

If you were to receive your payments via SWIFT transfer, the transfer fee would be $15.

How long does it take for the payment to be transferred to my account?

Processing time may vary, depending on your country and payment method: The estimated time for local transfers is 1-3 business days. The estimated time for SWIFT transfers is 4-5 business days. 

Can I apply to receive payments to a bank account not in my name? 

In order to receive payments to your bank account, you must provide a bank account in your name or an account that you own. If you own the account but it is not in your name, you may be requested to provide supporting account ownership documentation. 

What fees are included when receiving funds?

Detailed pricing and fees information can be viewed here.

FAQs – PayPal Powered by Payoneer

How do I register to receive payments to my PayPal account through Payoneer?

  • Once you are re-directed to our registration page, select PayPal Account as your preferred payment option.
  • Select your local country.
  • Follow the registration process by entering your personal details.
  • Select the currency in which you would like to receive payments to your PayPal account in.
  • Once you have selected your desired currency click Connect to PayPal.
  • You will then be prompted to log in to your PayPal account.
  • Once you have entered your log in details successfully, your application to receive payments to PayPal through Payoneer has been submitted for review.
  • You will receive a confirmation email within the next several business days once your application has been reviewed.
  • Once your application is approved, you will receive an email confirmation that you can begin receiving payments from your funding source directly to your PayPal account in the currency you selected during registration.

How long does it take the funds to reach my PayPal account?

Once you have transferred funds from your funding source they will be available in your PayPal account within 2 hours. You may receive an email from PayPal asking you to confirm the payment.

What are the fees for each transfer?

There are no fees for the transfer itself.

*If the currency of the funds that you are transferring is different from the currency you selected when connecting your PayPal account, a currency conversion fee of 2% will be applied to the transfer.

Are there limits on the amount that I can transfer?

You can transfer up to $20,000 at a time.

Can I link more than one PayPal account?

Only one PayPal account can be linked per funding source. This means that if you are receiving from multiple funding sources, you can only have one PayPal account linked to each funding source at a time. 

Can transfers to PayPal be reversed/cancelled?

Once a transfer is confirmed in the confirmation email sent by PayPal the transfer cannot be cancelled or reversed.

Once a payment has reached your PayPal account, you can transfer the funds back to your Payoneer account by transferring the funds from your PayPal account to your Payoneer account via the Global Payment Service.

How can I receive more information?

For more information in English and other languages,  click here

How can I contact Payoneer Support?


  • Toll Free:+1-800-251-2521
  • International:+1-646-658-3695

Shanghai+86- 21-8024-6003
Hong Kong+852-5803-9673
China Toll Free 1+86-400-0310-729
China Toll Free 2+86-400-6616-127
Spain:+34 91 266 19 11