Overview of Advertiser Account Navigation

An overview of the main areas of an advertiser account. Please note each section has its own in-depth support articles in the help centre that provide further information on specific areas and functions.


The main dashboard outlines a brief overview of your affiliate program. This includes a performance summary featuring top-line statistics, channel attribution, campaign statistics and affiliate statistics. The performance summary can be adjusted to show data per day, week or month based on either conversion, conversion rate, clicks, sale value, AOV, commission or average commission.

We also have a video showcasing the advertiser dashboard, which you can watch here.



The Marketplace allows you to access your Affiliates, Placements and Groups.

The Affiliates sub-heading allows you to view the complete Commission Factory affiliate directory, manage your current affiliate applications, view individual affiliates and invite new affiliates to join your program.

The Placements sub-heading allows you to browse placement opportunities that affiliates have uploaded. From here you can apply to these placements as well as view and manage the current status of them. Placement opportunities vary from paid placements to commission increases.

The Groups sub-heading allows you to create your own custom affiliate groups according to your liking. e.g. You can choose to group and assign your ‘Top Affiliates, or create a group consisting of the same type of affiliates e.g. ‘Cashback Affiliates’.

A video run-through of how the Marketplace can be watched here

We also have a video going into detail about creating Groups here.



The Reporting section of the advertiser platform provides in-depth and insightful data measured against sales, affiliates, creatives, cart data, visitors, insights and attribution. In addition, you have the ability to create your own custom reporting with metrics that are important to your program. Transaction reports are also accessible in this section. These give you an overview of pending, voided, locked, overdue, paid and approved commissions. The transaction section is also where you access validations via the Bulk Upload heading and manage your Transaction Queries.



The Creative section of the advertiser account allows you to upload banners, coupons, promotions, data feeds, widgets, videos and image libraries. These are used by your approved affiliates to promote your brand.

Additionally, we would recommend ticking the annotation button when uploading promotions. A video about annotations can be watched here.



The Settings section can be accessed via the cog symbol on the top-right hand corner and takes you to multiple sub-categories such as your Advertiser Profile, Communications, Commissions, Approvals, Program Terms, Tracking Setup, Tracking Rules, Signup Page, Billing, Invoices and Users.

The Advertiser Profile sub-heading allows you to edit and update your campaign profile.

The Communications sub-heading lets you view and adjust communications such as the acceptance notification that gets sent out to affiliates upon approval to your program.

The Commissions section lets you view details regarding your default and custom commission rates.

The Approvals section lets you view your affiliate approval settings as well as your transaction validation period.

Under Program Terms you can view and edit your current allowed promotional methods. Please note, should you wish to make changes to this section, it will need to be communicated to affiliates with a 7-day notice.

The Tracking Setup page lets you view your tracking instructions based on your shopping cart. If your shopping cart has changed, make sure to select your new shopping cart from the dropdown menu before following the instructions.

The Tracking Rules page lets you view and amend any click appends as well as block internal IP addresses from tracking sales.

The Signup Page lets you view how your program is being displayed to affiliates on the CF platform. It also provides you with a unique link that you can share with affiliates outside of the network so they can easily apply and find you on the platform.

The Notification page lets you edit which user is receiving what type of program notification.

The Billing sub-heading lets you view, edit or update your current billing settings.

The Invoices section provides access to all your previous, pending and upcoming invoices.

The Users sub-heading is where you can view the users who are currently set up to access your Commission Factory account.

A video walk-through can be watched here.



The envelope symbol in the top-right hand corner brings you to your message centre, which acts as your email inbox. This is where you can contact affiliates directly to organise promotions, collaborations or ask questions.

You can access your Inbox, Scheduled Messages, Drafts and Sent Messages through the sub-headings that fall under this section.


Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple accounts with Commission Factory, you can click on your brand logo in-between the Commission Factory logo on the far-left hand side and the Dashboard button. Clicking on the brand logo lets you access all your other accounts for easy toggle access between multiple programs.


User Profile

On the far top-right hand corner you can access your user profile and preferences. This is where you can make changes to your contact details, username and password. You can also access Apps and API keys from this section of the dashboard.

If you have further questions about setting up Users, we have a video going into more detail here.


Help Centre

If you click on the question mark symbol on the top right-hand side, this will take you to the Commission Factory help centre. Here you’ll find support articles for specific platform functionalities as well as general help to scale your affiliate program.

This part of the platform also lets you submit a support query under Contact support, however, if you do know who your account contact at Commission Factory is, it is best to reach out directly to that person