Email creatives

Contact your account manager to make this feature available to you. 


Email creatives are templates that can contain information about your products or services, special offers, etc. Affiliates are able to send these emails out to their email list.

There are a couple of requirements to create an email creative that is compatible with Commission Factory.

  • They should be written in a style that affiliates can send directly to their email lists, as though the affiliate wrote the email themselves ‘in third person’.
  • They should not contain any "tags" or "short codes" (e.g. "[FirstName]", "{tag_recipientfirstname}" etc.). Affiliates use a wide variety of services to send out emails, and they all use their own format for tags.
  • Hyperlinks must contain the "absolute" URL of the target landing page (e.g. ""), and not just a "relative" URL (e.g. "/page").
  • Hyperlinks can point to any page on your website, provided that it starts with your campaign target URL. 
    • For example, if your campaign target URL is "", then "" and "" are both acceptable, because they both start with "". 
    • However, if your campaign target URL is "", then "" is not acceptable, because it does not start with "".
  • You can use images that are hosted anywhere (e.g. you could host them on your website, or you could host them on a content delivery network). You must always enter the "absolute" URL (e.g. ""), and not just a "relative" URL (e.g. "/image.png").
  • You must not include any alternative forms of contact. For example, phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts, are not acceptable. Alternative forms of contact would allow recipients to bypass the affiliate and contact you directly, resulting in a possible loss of commission to the affiliate.
  • You are able to edit your email creative HTML in your favourite editor, and then paste the HTML into the "Add Email Creative" window. Just be sure to click on the "Source" button in the editor before you paste it in.


All email creatives will be approved by our team prior to being made available to affiliates.