Downloadable software code of conduct

Downloadable Software Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is aimed at regulating the use of downloadable opt-in software monetised through the use of affiliate links. This type of software, when downloaded on a user’s computer, can take a number of different formats, including, but not limited to:

  • ‘Rebate catchers’- specifically by Reward/Loyalty affiliates. This could be a pop up reminding users to collect points or cashback when browsing if they’re not logged in or referred from the original affiliate site. The software will prompt you to earn the reward by clicking via an affiliate link.
  • Toolbars - these may be searchable and based on searches carried out within the browser, or the site they are visiting, some may show the user offers to help them convert the customer.
  • Widgets - these may be downloaded to a user’s desktop featuring affiliate links within them. 
  • Software that offers a specific non-affiliate functionality that also serves up additional advertising.

The following guidelines regulate the use of software applications that are monetised through affiliate links from the Commission Factory network. 

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